Cleansing, Normalization, and Integration – Keys to Optimizing CMMS Value

Discover the challenges associated with legacy equipment asset information and why so many healthcare technology management groups are seeking ECRI’s help with standardization and normalization of CMMS data.

Over the years, healthcare technology management teams have leveraged Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) to enable more efficient work order management aimed at reducing asset downtime and improving maintenance workflows.  As workforce challenges have grown and technology has advanced, it is driving an even greater need for automation and operational efficiency.

Many hospitals have looked at upgrading and modernizing these systems and are struggling with how to consolidate, organize, and clean the data before migration.  Often, inconsistent equipment naming conventions and descriptions, and variable device classifications can impact predictive replacement planning, management of preventive maintenance procedures and work orders associated with cybersecurity threats, recalls, and field corrections that could impact the safety of patients and staff.  Maintaining a clean and organized CMMS can lead to greater operational efficiencies and improved patient outcomes, especially as health systems become more complex and continue to grow.

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Topics: Recall Management

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