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Supporting Women Veterans: The Role of Healthcare Leaders

On June 12, we recognize Women Veterans Recognition Day, a date designated to mark the anniversary of the signing of the 1948 Women's Armed Services Integration Act, which allowed women the right to permanently serve in the regular armed forces. The Act, along with President Truman’s decision to desegregate the military, also permitted African American women to officially serve in the military. The date is recognized nationally and by a number of states.
As a mission-driven organization, ECRI’s vision is a world where safe, high-quality healthcare is accessible to everyone, including our nation’s women veterans and service members. ECRI is proud to have women veterans as part of our workforce, working hard each day to advance our mission. Our nation’s women veterans face unique physical and mental health needs. Many bear the scars of combat, both those you can see and those you cannot. To effectively support their needs, healthcare leaders need to address gaps in the current systems that fail these veterans.

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